How to Build a Better Team in FIFA Mobile
01-14-2019, 08:17 AM,
How to Build a Better Team in FIFA Mobile
The game popularly known as FIFA ultimate team is renamed to FIFA mobile by Electronic Arts. Once again we are given our chances to build our team, set your formations, and set your line-ups. It has 30 leagues, 650teams and over 17,000 players, all from the real-time world to choose from. It depends on you to make up your team to be the best and form your perfect line-ups to come up with in future matches.

Building your Squad in FIFA Mobile requires players and there are a few ways of obtaining the necessary pieces. The first is opening Packs. FIFA Mobile offers multiple pack options to help build your squad. Additionally, fresh player items will be introduced all year-long based on the events of the real world. If a player has an incredible performance, the game will celebrate that with a new item. FIFA Mobile features four different base-player items. The first three: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, are well-known in Ultimate Team. The newest coloured item is the Red-item types, which we call Elite items. Red coloured items are high-rated player items and certain special items, such as those obtained when completing specific Plans. When looking for the best player items in FIFA Mobile, know that the red-coloured items are the ones to watch for.

Once you receive player packs or purchase a player at the Market, go to “My Team”. You may want to replace your old players with ones you just got as rewards or from the auction. However, don’t just blindly replace the older ones with new player cards. Swap only those cards that have white up arrow symbol at the top-right corner. The white arrow suggests that your current player can be upgraded and a better player is available in his place. This is one important step to building a better team, and increase your overall team rating. Buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins from gain a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

Each match takes no longer than a couple of minutes, as they essentially take out the boring parts, and present to the player with specific scenarios such as defend, attack, free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty shots, among others. The game can even play itself if you don’t interact with the controls when it’s your turn. Granted, the computer player will not likely play at your level, but it’s great for when something comes up and you can’t pay attention to the game at that moment.

If you still are not able to score goals easily, leave the game to the Auto-play feature. In FIFA Mobile, if you don’t touch the Virtual Stick while playing, the AI will take over your play and usually it will do a good job. Follow the AI scoring techniques if you need to know how to score goals. Keep in mind that during the Autoplay you can still decide on passes and shots by tapping and swiping on the screen.

FIFA Mobile, introduced this year to be played on mobile devices, is a mashup of Madden Mobile—probably due to the huge popularity of the latter. The platform for Madden Mobile is a much better suit for mobile devices than EA’s previous attempts, where they tried to recreate the console gaming idea, FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team), on cell phones and tablets. One noticeable change when you compare FIFA Ultimate Team from last year with FIFA Mobile of the current year is how much faster the system seems to work. Granted, EA’s servers, as usual, are complete crap, but it’s still an upgrade from the turtle speed of previous versions of the game.
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