In the foundation pit border fence factory
01-10-2019, 03:23 AM,
In the foundation pit border fence factory
Foundation pit guardrail, also known as limb guardrail, is the subway construction site, building and so on essential safety protection products, according to the conditions of construction engineering safety JGJ180-2009 technical specifications , and more than 2 m of the foundation pit excavation depth perimeter fencing must be installed. The setting of the foundation pit rail is convenient and reusable.
Construction site of the construction site design of the foundation pit adjacent to protect the net.
Ten big Advantage:
1, Top ten industrial enterprises
2, Meters, nissan production base
3, 119 patents (18) for a patent for invention
4, One station three center:
Jiangsu province graduate workstation
Changzhou industrial design center
Changzhou city enterprise technology center
Intelligent traffic engineering technology research center
5, The industry standard drafting unit
6, 22 years professional experience in manufacturing 456 cities
7, High-tech enterprises in jiangsu province
8, A patent for invention/first wisdom barrier: intelligent alarm guardrail & the robot
9, A famous trademark in jiangsu province
10, The 2010 Shanghai world expo designated suppliers
In 2013 China flower exposition fence supplier
Nanjing youth Olympic Games fence supplier in 2014In the foundation pit border fence factory
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