Silver Ion Antibacterial Gel
12-18-2018, 10:49 AM,
Silver Ion Antibacterial Gel
Ø Description
Silver ion is a kind of non-antibiotic bactericide and the active silver ion antibacterial gel is a silver ion preparation with high activity, which has an effect on bactericidal antiphlogosis and wound healing. Positively charged silver ions combine with negatively charged pathogens to produce Coulombic Attraction that makes protease lose activity, which is the foundation of the bacteria to survive, eventually this will lead to the final death. Meanwhile, silver ions can dissociate from the bacteria and continue to sterilize.

Ø Uses
It can kill the bacteria, fungus, trichomonad, mycoplasma, chlamydia and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause infections of genital tract, promote healing of lesions, as well as lubrication action, with high sensibility and long effect duration. The bactericidal effect will not influence the growth of normal flora (lactobacillus) in vagina, while keeps the pH value normal.

Ø Safety certificate
Acute Oral Toxicit TestLD>20g/kg,Actual non-toxic(Animal Subject: male and female rats)
Dermal Sensitivity TestNo skin allergies(Animal Subject: guinea pig)
Single Skin Stimulation TestNo irritation(Animal Subject: rabbit)
Single Eeye Stimulation TestNo irritation(Animal Subject: rabbit)
Micronucleus TesNegative(Animal Subject: leveret)
Detection of Chromosome Aberration Rate in Mammalian CellsNo chromosomal aberrations and increased polyploidy(Animal Subject: male and female rats)

Ø Features
1. Colorless, odourless and transparent aqueous gel
2. Non-antibiotic, non-toxic and no tolerance
3. Wound healing and repairing
4. Anti-inflammatory effect

Ø Specification
3g/piece, 6 pieces/box or 3pieces/box
The content of active silver ion ≥500μg/g

Ø Warnings
1. iodine and hydrogen peroxide, otherwise the effect will be reduced.
2. Only for external use and don’t take orally.
If the gel turns colors accidentally, which will not afSilver Ion Antibacterial Gel
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