Getting Started
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Getting Started
There are no rules, we encourage to behave like you would do in real-life.
Hacking is obviously not allowed and will result in a ban.

How to play on our server
- As there are no rules, I could just KoS anyone i see right?
Well...In our community we work with a reputation system, players can give eachother a positive, neutral or negative reputation. If you get caught after you KoS, there is a big chance they will give you a negative reputation wich could make it difficult to trade on the marketplace and would definitely not help you during events.

Think of what character you would like to be. A lonewolf hunting in the forest, a bandit or do you want to survive with other players?

All players can give eachother a positive, neutral or negative reputation. All reputations are supported by a comment so other players can see why that reputation was given. Reputation is shown in the upper right corner of each post in the forum, click it to read the comments.

We are hoping that our reputation system will result in some sort of social control.

On the forum players can start a private group. This will allow players to share info without players from outside the group being able to see it.
Check this thread for more info on groups.

At the marketplace you can trade loot with other players or ask for medical assistance. Check this thread for more info.

Every saturday we organize an event at CEST 20:00 - 22:00. All players are welcome to join. Check the events forum for upcomming and past events.

Players can obtain badges by being active on the forum and in-game. Check this thread for all the badges you can obtain.

We have our own TeamSpeak server so we can chat with eachother while in-game. There is a global channel for global chat and an event channel for during events. You can also add your own channels with passwords if you want a private chat.

Server address:
You can download TeamSpeak here.

BBCodes can be used to format text or add images to your posts. Check this thread for more info about BBCodes.

Your ideas
You ideas are always welcome, don't hesitate to start a thread about it!
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